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Tuesday, September 26th, 2006
10:18 am
Times are tough. I have been very busy with piles of paper work.

I was given a mission from the very hot babe Tsuande-sama.

Shizune I need to speak to you in my office if you have a moment - i have a report of the medical supplies which you ordered.
Monday, February 6th, 2006
4:02 pm
The End?
It’s funny how things change so fast. One day you are working in an office where everyone is smiling and laughing and the next day you walk in to see faces of gloom and depression. Everyone is still working much harder then before because of this up coming war. This is no time to joke around as many will die and those that live will live with the horror of seeing their friends and family die. It will become an impression in their minds forever and the medical staff are well aware that if something like this should happen that our counselling services should be forced upon those who can not deal well in these situations.

People are already saying those words “goodbye” as if they will never see each other again. The dreaded words no one wants to hear not even I .
I still haven’t seen Kei since that last meeting we had near the tree – still haven’t told her the truth. I can’t. I don’t know if I can face her again but – I have to.

I just don’t want to hear those words from her lips – the ones everyone has been saying to each other. The ones I said to her that broke us apart but now these words have a new meaning – the meaning if life or death.

Goodbye – such a short word yet so powerful.

I will require all ninja to write their Wills and pass them into me personally, if you have not done so yet please hurry. This is a MUST . I will approve them as a witness and file them away.

[Post Your Will Below - in the comment section]

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Friday, January 13th, 2006
3:36 pm
So much is happening here in the offices of Konoha and Tsunade-hime gave me a new stack of papers and files to look at. A lot of these papers are confidential but something doesn’t feel good – my stomach is turning in circles and some people are starting to become depressed with the overtime work we have been given. I haven’t see Chiboshi Kei for a while now as she is working just as hard as I am. As I say this I will also have to say that I think this time away from her has been good. She has been pushing me away a little bit and I believe its time we have our own space, with that said I will be going to the bar tonight and drinking with Izumo. I think singles life is what I need. I know this is a tough time to say this but I can’t see you anymore unless it’s on a professional level Miss Chiboshi.

Still no word on Morino Ibiki.

By the way did anyone notice that the doors on all the bathrooms have gone missing in the building? I don't think we were getting them repainted or repaired so who ever removed them should replace them and report to Tsunade-sama. The women bathroom was a riot when I walked in.  Someone hit me when I tried to install a door for them on one of the stalls, they should repay my kindness back with love.

PrivateCollapse )

Friday, November 25th, 2005
12:50 pm

It has been quiet for a couple of days here in the office since the report of Yamanaka Ino being deceased. I didn’t want to send out the letter to Asuma with the report Shizune gave but it was necessary.


That’s not the only necessary thing I had to do.


privateCollapse )</span></o:p></span></s>




On another note: I came to work early this morning to finish up some paper work for beautiful Tsunade-sama. I didn’t have enough time to shower at home because my water was turned off for the repair man to fix the pipes, so before I got to the office I took a shower there. It was very relaxing and a good way to wake you up. I recommend people use these showers more often. Although once I was finished someone had run off with my clothing!! They left me a wash cloth sized towel and that couldn’t even cover my --- so if anyone saw me running down one of the halls to get to my office now you know why. I’m sure the girls didn’t mind. Shizune we need to look into the theft.



Kei I’m commando today in my extra uniform, you should come visit later on. It can get our mind off all this depression in the village. I was going to give Kei this note – that was until It was reported that someone had broke into Morino Ibiki’s Office and burnt it down. I had to throw out the note and check this out with my own eyes as soon as possible.


We had to research into this situation as soon as possible as Morino Ibiki is affiliated with our country and Anbu unit. We uncovered his forehead protector and all files which we had access to such as status profile, some mission reports he was able to get to and he left the remains in his office.


It is necessary to report that as of now Morino Ibiki is a Missing Ninja, his Anbu unit will be lead by a new leader and if anyone has information on what occurred the night his office burnt down please report it to the office ASAP. If you happen to run into him be careful and ---- be prepared to kill.  A few units will be asked to come in for a mission briefing to bring back Morino Ibiki alive or dead. He knows too much information. That is all that needs to be reported.



Private Kei OnlyCollapse )

Current Mood: working
Thursday, September 22nd, 2005
7:04 pm

Waking up this morning I was not alone! The stunning girl had long black hair, a dark tanned body that was soft yet smooth and sexy. From time to time I would run my fingers down her long elegant back. I tried to keep her as comfortable as possible and my bed is quite warm now with another person under the covers. Shizune will never feel these things with me because I’m currently occupied. It’s a shame, isn’t it Shizune? Moon light from the window struck her body like the wind blowing a field of flowers - something so natural and pure it was as if she was an angel.  A night I will never forget and a night that was well enjoyed between the two of us.

Note to Shizune:

Sorry Shizune I couldn’t help out with the festival preparations, I was busy doing paper work then busy doing kei other desk work.

Although when I did show up for the festival I was with Kei and I guess you could call it our first appearance together.  I think Kei blew everyone away with her looks. Coming over again tonight I hope? We saw Tenten do her performance which was excellent compared to Ibiki’s torture/gamble table. Did anyone notice this? I don’t think spinning Ninja on a wheel board and throwing knives at them is really allowed Mr. Morino. How did he get away with it? – I think someone shut down his torture booth in the first 10 minutes. 

Kei and I are taking the week off like I was told we could have. Vacation time is needed and I would like to steal her away. Izumo take care of the workload and Shizune – now you know how it feels to get tons of paper work. Good Luck.   

Yamanaka Ino - I will visit you personally because I found some strange gift box tied with a black ribbon in the spy division’s mail box. It had your name on it but I’m worried about the contents in it. When are visitation hours?


Private Kei Collapse )

Current Mood: loved
Friday, September 2nd, 2005
6:58 am
This is a bad time, but.. Kotetsu and Izumo, I have to leave things to you to er, well not only paperwork, but just keep the village stable for a while.

Guess that means I'm still in charge Shizune. You can meet me in my office in say 1 hour, I'll have my people meet your people. I hired someone to keep us organized during these hard times. She is hot, blonde, blue eyes, tall figure, and looks good enough to be a supermodel. Instead of me meeting you Shizune you should meet me.

Izumo where the hell are you? If you don't come back to the office to help out with the paperwork I’m going to send my special all female super hot nin team/personal body guards to kick your ass and drag you back. but you would probably like that treatment, maybe you could pick up a girl while they beat you?

Note to self: maybe I should make it a requirement that for any female ninja who walk through my door, should remove one piece of clothing during entry then one after every 20 seconds they stand in my office.
Wednesday, August 31st, 2005
9:28 am
Being the hokage was very hard work! I think that I was able to hold everything in place and keep the ladies everyone safe. Would I do the job again? YES. I think I would mainly because it’s the same work I do but a higher pay and prestige. That shouldn’t matter because knowing that I protected this village with all of the abilities I had makes me feel glad that I am a ninja.

I wonder who would buy this bullshit

In reality I worked hard and oh great Tsunade-sama I believe I should get a raise in my paycheck. I did everything that was needed and more! I make a better Hokage then you.

Kei……………..where are you? You missed my term in session. My first lady was not by my side – I have not heard from you in a while.

Izumo lets go drink our final day away. I don’t want to live if I can’t look at any other women.
Monday, August 15th, 2005
9:35 pm
The new hokage
Memo From The New Stand In Hokage Collapse )

Message to KeiCollapse )

Izumo on a side note. You and I are going to buy new professional uniforms for this job. You go to the press meetings and rep the office because we have a couple of those media bookings because word is going around that Tsunade left the village. So we need to either do 1 of 2 things:

1. You dress up as the Tsunade and go to the press meeting.
2. You go and tell everyone the truth.

I think that you should do the first one to keep everyone calm in these matters.

I wonder if we will get a bonus if we run this village well.

Hey could someone pull up Morino Ibiki's file? There hasn't been a report back from him yet and we should start calling most of our staff back to Konoha. We should maybe cancel the training and testing Izumo? I would like to believe we should try and keep our village safe. We need the best patrol possible. Izumo get me all the files of ninja in training who currently reside outside our village. also get files of good looking girls. I figure if we have this position we should take full advantage of it.

Current Mood: busy
Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005
4:54 pm

So I was sitting at my desk today as this good looking woman walks into my office. At first I thought it was one of the new interns but it turns out she was one of the ninja who was assigned a research mission and she was just passing in the report. good thing she didn't put it in my mailbox or I wouldn't have seen her fine looking ass Damn Izumo you really need to stop by my office in 1 hour. I told the Ninja chick to come back then to pick up some documentation for her next mission. Good thing Kei isn't around.

By the way tonight we are going to get drunk because I’m in distress from not getting anything. I feel so depressed I want to drown out my depression with alcohol. I hate my life. Kei you ruined my life. I hate you but I want to make love to you. Where are you!!?
Izumo how did you let me get involved with this woman? I can't stand looking at the fine women of Konoha and not being able to bring them home with me. What is this feeling?! Why do I hate myself so much right now? The women walking into my office are so damn good looking but part of me doesn't want to do anything to them but look. This is torture! Who is doing this to me? What is this madness?

I can't even do my job right! The only thing on my mind is sex.

Current Mood: crushed
Wednesday, July 20th, 2005
4:51 pm
Letter for Tenten & Ino
Dear Miss Yamanaka & Miss Tenten,
There was a report of your absence and illness and we had sent a fellow Nin to check in to see if you were alright at the medical clinic and at your home.

A strange turn of events happened and neither of you were to be found. A report has been issued that both of you will need to sign to confirm your where about during the festival. As well you will both need to need to write a report on why it is dangerous to lie to fellow Nins about an illness. This report will then need to be signed by the following people:

and finally

Once signed it will be dropped into the mail box of Izumo and he will file it away.

We hope you had fun at the festival.

- Kotetsu Hagane
4:32 pm
This morning was very – interesting. While cleaning out the desk of the past hokage (yes we upgraded Tsunade’s desk during the transition period. ) I found a small bag of green substance hidden in the back. So I took it out yes it was weed. Now I won’t lie to you because I use to order this stash in once and awhile for the past hokage and trust me the stash I just found was a good find indeed. I think after the paperwork I did I needed to enjoy myself for once. So during my lunch break I smoked one of these fine pieces. It’s a shame Izumo wasn’t around or I would have offered to give him a smoke. I do however still have most of the stash hidden some where in Konoha, I can’t tell you where because we can’t let the children get into that adult stuff.

I don’t think anyone noticed and I don’t think Tsunade would care because she doesn’t smoke this. Anyhow at least it made me happy for a short period of time. Speaking of which I think Tonton is looking a little happy today too. Oh no I think the little guy got into the stash. I can’t let anyone find out. I must hide the pig until it wears off. ha-ha no problems here I’ll go wash Tonton and feed him. I’ll take care of him today Shizune, he seems to like me today. didn’t pee on my foot

Current Mood: devious
Monday, July 11th, 2005
10:00 am
Dinner the date and the fine looking women ~ A man without sex

Raidou and Izumo OnlyCollapse )

What ended up happening is that I did get drunk that night, Izumo was with me drinking and for some reason I turned away women while I was drunk. YOU RUINED MY LIFE KEI --- my sex life.



Current Mood: exhausted
Monday, June 6th, 2005
3:13 pm
Locked in a room
So the day started very off. Morino Ibiki was following me around and I couldn't understand why, that was until I looked away from him and was clocked on the head with something heavy. I woke up in a random room in the admin building. BUT I WASN'T ALONE! Kei-san was also locked in the room with me. Strange turn of events I'm still unsure why we were locked in the room. But I didn't mind being locked in the room with a good looking girl like her. hot as hell. Thanks Ibiki! I know you didn't mean it but thanks dude. So Ibiki didn't really tie the knot on the rope he just locked us in a room and we couldn't get out for a little while. I must say that while I was in that room I grabbed a couple of kisses and a date for the up coming party. How great is that! Izumo where are you toliet man? Still alone? You can go with Tsunade-sama she'll need an escort. By the way I took my shoulder out of place while trying to knock down a steel door, thanks Ibiki-san I'll be sending you my medical bill. Kei-san treated it and then we were able to unlock the door with some tools we had around. My arm is tied up for support now so here is my note for Tsunade-sama:

Dear Tsunade-sama,
Due to the reckless Morino Ibiki who i blame for my injury I have taken my arm out of place. I am requesting some time away from the desk work and maybe I could help with some other job that does not require writing?
All the best,

- Hagane Kotetsu

Shizune-san I'm on my way to your office I was wondering if you could personally take a look at my injury?

Kei-san I can't wait to see you in that damn sexy dress, doesn't matter what you have on you look damn fine.

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Monday, May 23rd, 2005
12:19 pm
Collapse & Bed
Last thing I remember from my little collapse on floor was waking up and kissing what seemed to be an angel. At first I couldn’t really tell who it was but she was doing a little CPR and I think I surprised her when I woke up and kissed her. She was straddling me and hell I didn’t mind that at all. Though as soon as I had tasted her lips I knew that it was Kei Chiboshi. I had tasted those sweet lips just the other day. (to me the other day would have been last week). I think this was the highlight of my week. I get sick from working 7 days on 3 hours of sleep. thanks Shizune finished everyone’s work and I don’t even get a thank you .

By the way I have a lump on my head from my fall, so Miss Chiboshi found me and dragged me into her office maybe she did some nasty deeds too but I wouldn’t mind . I guess I won’t be getting a date for a little while now with this mark on my forehead. She thought it would be best to walk me home and stay the night so I don’t end up dead in the morning from my concussion. what a bonus! So we picked up some food at the market on the way home and it was late so I cooked for us. Beer Salmon and Caramelized Brownies which is normally what I would only make if I wanted a girl to have sex with me. Funny story one time I fed a girl the brownies she ran to the store and kept making them and eating them and now I don’t see her anymore. I was told “I had over cooked” by Miss Chiboshi. But how would I know that when all I do is cook like this all the time? It’s true I have no life in the office and at night I have a few guests over but during my free time the only thing I do is study cooking. I figured the best way to win a women is through the food and it seems to work. Thanks mom for always teaching me that lesson. works a lot

Well I let Kei (she was a little upset when I kept calling her Miss Chiboshi, a little to formal for her) use all my things I didn’t know she was going to steal my bathrobe, but damn she looked hot in it! Her blue eyes stood out with the blue bathrobe and I almost died just looking at her with her long black hair, soft-toned skin, blue eyes. Shit I was one lucky guy tonight, but I’m one lucky guy every night.
I told her to feel like home and use anything she needed, gave her a towel and a shirt of mine to sleep in as she requested. She told me she had a sister and they sort of looked like twins well then bring her over and us three can share the bed! I always liked twins. .

I let Kei sleep on my bed because it was a better room and softer bed and I took my guestroom. It felt like I was on a date with this girl. The last time I went on a date with someone was probably when I was 7 years of age. I’m not into the dating thing. I HATE IT. I don’t want to date and fall in love. What the hell is love? I know how to make love and that’s good enough for me. I went to bed after and nothing else happened that I can remember. Shizune I’m taking a few days off for illness you and everyone can cover for me this time.

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Sunday, May 22nd, 2005
12:33 am
-----out of office----

Office is shut down for this sunday as no one is here. I had a little help from Morino Ibiki during the week and now i'm still working without a break. I finished all the paper work this week on myown with only 4 hours of sleep. I haven't left the office much and now I'm the only one left tonight. Tonight I got a letter which I couldn't even read very well because my eyes were all blurry. It was a letter from Morino Ibiki, some problem with yamanaka_ino . I figured it was nothing but i tried to read it any how. So I filed the away this little problem as it was requested, there was no word that he had stopped training her.  I just think everyone is having a bad week with this sickness going around not getting enough sleep because of overwork. I'm thinking about just burning the letter Ibiki sent me because yamanaka_ino is having a tough week herself. Everything is reported and filed when events happen, to ensure the wellness of our ninja of the village. I wish we had medical ninja's on call to support our our ninjas coming back from their missions for psychology check ups, but at the moment they are busy with the sickness problem.

personal note to selfCollapse )

Finally to end my day I have to meet and hand Jiraiya-sama assistant some new documentations. I heard rumor the new assistant was a beauty to behold. I would love to meet her but I feel badly that i would barely be able to see her as my eyes are so blinded from the lights in the room and such and i'm currently in the hall way walking towards her office. I'm starting to feel like my muscles are swore, my throat is getting tighter and ----collapse on floor----   

Sunday, May 15th, 2005
9:52 pm
Ah shit my eyes are burning looking at all these papers. I just finished Shizune’s paperwork and now I have been working on mine for the past 3 hours. I want to get out of here! Tsunade-sama please let me go I’m dieing here! Morino Ibiki And Mitarashi Anko You Are Both Needed In The Office! Asap. I don’t think I’ll get any sleep this weekend. That’s sleep with women too This makes me a little upset but I’m very good at my job and I’ll keep working hard! Maybe this year I’ll win an award at yearly party?

So my ass is hurting sitting in this chair maybe someone should make me a custom chair. I mean if I need to work in my office all day and do EVERYONES work, then I figure I might as well be content. So I started to steal borrow different things from everyone’s desks and offices. Don’t worry by the time they are healed everything will be back in place.

Speak of the devil. A beautiful woman just walked into my office. Maybe this is god’s way of taking the stress off my eyes and letting me look at an angel for one moment. At first I wonder if this is reality or not because my eyes are getting very tired from all the paper work I have done today. Guess this is really god’s way, I’m a lucky guy.
So the woman was Chiboshi Kei, a fantastic ninja, with a stunning body should I say more? I could say more but when she has a tendency to blush a lot and talk a lot due to nerves.

Chiboshi Kei was looking for to get a custom fitting vest, that’s why she came to my office. So I did get her sizes including her chest size. Which was quite large. . She couldn’t stop talking sometimes so I just grabbed her and kissed her. I thought it would make her relax more I don’t think she minded it that much because she was more so in shock then anything else. I think she enjoyed it, I mean just before she was staring at my abs. Yes I still didn’t get my shirt back from the tailor yet, I’ll have it tomorrow.

By the way even though I didn’t have sex with a woman today all this happened, I did offer to take Miss Chiboshi out to teach her more ways to relax and be around guys. trust me I know many ways to relax and I’m quite good at it too.

She left my office and I ordered her custom vest and now I’m happy and have enough energy to get through the day. I would like to thank the almighty god above me who sent me an angel to save me from this devastative work I have to do while people are out sick.

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Saturday, May 14th, 2005
5:23 pm
Panties are gone? - Private -
Hey i'm in the office at the moment but Izumo sent me a letter telling me that someone had broken into my house and stole some panties in the padded steelbox that is normally hidden under my bed under the wood.
At first I was wondering why someone would break into my house and second why they would steal Tsunade's panties? The only person that would steal her panties would be Jraiya-sama. Strange enough I'm not sure if I should worry about this or not. Shizune's panties are still in my house somewhere. Well I hope that baka likes Tsunade's panties.....i wish I could have held onto them longer but I could care less. I have plently of panties around my house that girls left here. Yes it's gross after a while but sometimes after a week or two they remember they left their famous panties at Kotetsu's place and they want them back. I have a small box of panties girls left behind.

Now then back to work.

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Friday, May 13th, 2005
8:32 pm

Here I sit in my chair with out a shirt because one of the women in the admin section told me she could sew it back together. Thanks Tsunade-sama for stripping/ripping off my shirt. I know you love me and everything but I think you’re really being controlled by the liquor. Shizune-san that letter I got about the party...it was only a sample.


This was the extra attachment from one of the women from administration section:


Letter to me from the hot ladies of administrationCollapse )


My letter back - private - Collapse )

note to sakuraCollapse )

Izumo was sick for work today so we checked up on him, find out he isn’t sick from cleaning the toilets but the drinking water made him sick in the office. DON’T DRINK THE WATER IN THE OFFICE!! Repairs are already underway on the pipes. So I started to get all these notes on my desk that people couldn’t make it into work because they were out sick. Now we know why. Shizune-san what should we do? They all are asking for 1 week sick leave. Izumo’s face is purple. Is there any drugs we can give them to speed up the healing process? Now we are going to have a back log of work to do. This is very bad. Tsunade-sama we have a problem and we need a solution.



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Monday, May 9th, 2005
2:53 pm
*** BUDGET 2005 ***

Before I went home for the night I had to stop by and have a meeting with the almighty great Hokage. She asked me to retrieve some documents for her so I had her documents and the budget for next year we were going to go over. Funny thing the slackers “Shizune/Izumo” weren’t in the room like I requested. Izumo was off cleaning the toilets (which by the way is fine by me). Shizune….on the other hand, I have no idea where she is….might be off drowning under the comments box. You BOTH need to be at the NEXT meeting which is again this week because we have some confidential topics even the Hokage request you to be at next meeting.

So when I walk into the room I notice tons of paper on Tsunade’s desk, not only that but I also noticed her slacking off and trying to fall asleep!! Go figure...the almighty hokage is a HUGE Slacker too. So I break out the budget and tell her what was listed to save money: cheap toilet paper, lower wages for shinobi, up the prices in the bookstore and on late fees, make metal weapons into plastic ones – which are good so you don’t go around and randomly injury or kill someone and when you have plastic weapons if you really want to kill someone you probably could. (Saves a lot of money). So come pick up your plastic swords and knives! This is only for the academy students. One more thing I saw someone listed on the budget to sell the Hokage’s autograph on EBay TV. Tsunade & Shizune onlyCollapse )

Men Only Collapse )

Ok well we both went out for drinks after work at the local bar, she called me s kid. I am NOT a KID, I am a sexually active MAN. I was offended by her words because when someone calls you a “kid” it normally means that they won’t have sex with you because that’s the way they see you as. You know what! I’m going to go get laid tonight! I’ll show you oh great hokage! So that’s what happened….I got drunk with Tsunade (she started paying for my drinks half way through) and I don’t remember what happened after that. All I know is that I did have some great sex with one of the women in Konoha, though I don’t remember who…….she was gone from my bed in the morning. I only hope it was that female bartender she was hot as hell. Lit a fire on my soul.

So here is my story of last night if anyone asks me (because I really don’t remember it all I’ll make it up):

I worked late hours at work
Had a drink or two
Went to the bath house
Read a book
Went to bed


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Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005
10:55 pm

Working gets more fun each day. That pig Ton ton took a crap in one of the offices this morning and I was asked to clean up after it. I swear when did housekeeping become part of my job too? Doesn’t that damn pig know where to use the bathroom? It’s just as messy as it’s owner.

private thoughtCollapse )

Today I was in the missions file room arranging all of the new files from A to Z. When I was in the file room it looked like a cyclone struck it. Did someone mess this room up or what, and who the heck did this? This is a crime only 3 – 5 people have keys to this room, everything is top secret. I worked so hard on this room it took me all last year! Izumi is currently in the room now trying to find a solution to our problem, I on the other hand have to finish signing and double checking these new laws being passed and resigned/updated by the Hokage. More desk work. By the way while working in the office and looking at all of the Hokage’s signatures I can tell her different moods. Such as when she’s: Tired, awake, drunk and angry. Yes it’s true she has 4 different signatures or slight differences in some of them but you can tell. When she signs something when she is angry it starts with a T then a line that runs off the page because she isn’t paying attention. When she has been drinking too much she sometimes doesn’t even sign her name. She even got Ton ton to sign one of the laws! Yes her own pig! (Note to self: Get her to resign that one) Speaking of signing Tsunade-sama did you see the new bill that came in the mail!? It’s OUT RAGEOUS! So many things are listed, when did the office buy a new desk? A bar? 100 shot glasses? Our water expense is listed too and its huge sum of money, electricity too! (Though you leave your lights on all day because you forget to shut the office lights down I will not bring this up). It seems like we will have to start cutting back in different areas because we have breached our monthly budget Tsunade-sama.


 Message for ShizuneCollapse )

Sorry girls the toilet paper in the bathrooms has changed due to budget cuts, we no longer have the soft toilet paper which was proposed a while back. We have new cheap toilet paper! Don’t blame me for the toilet paper cut back/change that was Izumo’s idea. Saves our village a couple bucks. YES it’s true. For some reason ninja’s tend to use a lot of toilet paper I do not know the reason behind this but the women’s bathroom uses about 15 roles a week. Soft costs more.


If there is any problems with the toilet paper please go to the Toilet Paper man Izumo. 


As well I get off work tonight around 11 I believe, I have been working late hours hiding in paperwork. I’ll be at the bath house around 11:15, bars at 12:00 am and what ever happens from there happens.


Have a great day everyone, work hard and make the leaf village proud. (something I wish I could do everyday but with my job I can’t even make myself proud.)

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